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Decoiler K1-CW/125


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Decoiler K1-CW/125

width decoiler = 1250 mm
advised coil-width = 1000 mm
max. capacity = 1500 kg

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Technical data
  • decoiler K1-CW with core, two steering and two parking castors
  • core has five adjustable arms, avoiding marks, dents or scratch marks, when the coil is clamped or decoiled
  • core I.D. K1-CW/100: Ø 230-510 mm
  • core I.D. K1-CW/125: Ø 250-515 mm
  • core I.D. K1-CW/150: Ø 360-650 mm
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Rolbenders NEW

A handy set for bending straight and curved metal up to 90º (with EcO-Bender 3/200 & BKK 25) and after that bending it up to even 180º (with Disc-Bender DB 41).

This set contains:

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