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Plate Shear AK 5016 Ni-MH

excellent contouring

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Plate Shear AK 5016 Ni-MH

Shear with unsurpassed curve cutting ability up to 1.6 mm.
A shear for cutting jobs where slight material bending is acceptable and chipmaking is not.

12 Volt Cordless System 3000

Cordless Tools 110 - 120 Volt:
- Battery pack MXL, 12 Volt 3.0 Ah - 24 Wh
- Super-rapid Charger SRU 30, 30 min, 120V, USA/ CDN

  • Cordless Tools 230 Volt:
    - Charger RC, 60 min, 230V

  • Starting hole ø 27 mm
  • Offer request
    Technical data

    The cordless system 3000:

    • ergonomic designed motor
    • Power Plus motor: 30% more power
    • 3,0 Ah 36,0 Wh highest quality, long life battery packs
    • cutting up to 120 meters with one battery charge
    • charger is suitable for charging all systems 3000 battery packs
    • computer controlled pulse charging technology charges batteries quickly and gently, leading to a threefold increase in life of battery packs
    • fail-safe polarity protection
    • fully automatic functions: continuous temperature monitoring and switching from quick charge to trickle charge make overcharging impossible!
    • LED control panel reports charging status or malfunction
    • in conjunction with battery charger RC, batteries can be charged 3000 times or more
    • no “memory effect”


    12 Volt cordless plates shear 5-pcs. craftsmen set consists of: 1 cordless shear AK 5016 Ni-Mh,  2 batteries MXL12, 1 charger RC and 1 transportbox.

    Special offer

    Rolbenders NEW

    A handy set for bending straight and curved metal up to 90º (with EcO-Bender 3/200 & BKK 25) and after that bending it up to even 180º (with Disc-Bender DB 41).

    This set contains:

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