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Profile Nibblers PN 4361

Cold and emission-free operation

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Profile Nibblers PN 4361
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Technical data
  • extremely maneuverable, easy operation
  • fast, safe cutting of corrugated, trapezoidal and square sheet profiles
  • welded seams and double sheet can be cut, even corners with acute angles
  • high cutting capacity
  • chips eject below material, guarantees clear, unimpeded view of the working area and the cutting line
  • cuts all materials that can be punched, such as mild steel, stainless steel aluminum, non ferrous metals and plastics
  • tooling system allows cutting direction to be changed as required
  • long life tools
  • regrind able, easy to change tooling
  • superior, emission-free operation
  • free from sparks or heating
  • no damage or scratch marks to painted or coated materials


  • ideal for: halls, factories, roof and wall in corrugated materials
  • roofers
  • shop installation etc.
Special offer

Rolbenders NEW

A handy set for bending straight and curved metal up to 90º (with EcO-Bender 3/200 & BKK 25) and after that bending it up to even 180º (with Disc-Bender DB 41).

This set contains:

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